LWSR....Lightweight Sport Rifle

LWSR stands for lightweight sport rifle, this is a relatively new shooting discipline that was started after the banning of handguns in 1997.
Whilst the calibre is .22, the same as used in prone/standing and kneeling,LWSR requires less equipment and has a ‘fun’ aspect to it.
Any sights can be used, including telescopes and the overall weight of the glove + rifle does not exceed 4.5kg.
LWSR is very popular partly because it does not not require all the other equipment often associated with .22 target shooting…and of course this makes it less expensive.
Shooting is freestyle from an unsupported standing position and often the Rifle is semi-automatic or magazine fed bolt action.
The barrel is relatively short and being lightweight it is particularly suitable for the young or old, or anyone that cannot handle a heavy rifle.
A variation that is part of the LWSR discipline is shooting long barreled pistols and several other types of firearms…. this gives variety in the types of shooting available.


Even though there is a fun aspect, many shooters take this discipline very seriously and we shoot summer and winter competitions at county level.

If you think this sounds of interest to you…LWSR is shot on a Wednesday evening where training is given and instructions re safety procedures.