New to Shooting?




If you have never been to a rifle club before, then this section is to help make your first time go as smoothly as possible.
One aspect of shooting that makes it different from other sports is that you will be using a firearm; this means that safety is a very important part of this sport.
The Home Office requires a certain procedure for your very first visit.

Initially, telephone the club secretary to make an appointment to visit the range.

Then, during your first visit, a tour of the range will be given, with discussion of the different types of shooting available. There may be other members using the range, so you will see the main types of competition you can expect after instruction and coaching. The type of equipment you need for shooting will be shown and explained…recently the club gained a grant from Sports England that allowed us to update and provide all the equipment a beginner will need to start shooting, this is supplied free as part of your membership, the only other charge will be the cost of the ammunition you will use each night.









25 yard target

After the tour, if you like what you have seen and want to join, the rules and membership fees for Probationary Membership will be explained. You will be given an application form for Probationary Membership to complete and bring back to the club the following week.
As a beginner you will initially, be invited to visit the club - usually on a Wednesday evening between 7.30 and 9.00PM. This is the night that beginners and juniors attend.

During your next visit, you will be coached on the safe handling of the type of rifle and shooting discipline you have chosen, this will include:-

  1.  Movement within the range
  2.  Use of breech flags
  3.  The operation of the range ‘in use’ red light safety system
  4.  Keeping quiet whilst shooting is taking place
  5.  Picking up your empty cases and tidying-up the firing point you used

Also, we will explain aspects of the Law relating to ownership of rifles and ammunition..including their safe storage.