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Yorkshire Regional Rifle Squad

The Yorkshire Regional Rifle Squad meets at Easingwold Rifle Club approx 5 times a year October to March. It is held over a weekend, to allow enough time for practical workshops and individual coaching.
Its main aim is to encourage excellence in those shooters who have at club level, already demonstrated ability and commitment to improve their shooting.
An attitude of willingness to learn is important, if the squad is to be your stepping stone for County Representation and ultimately, National Team.
There are no ‘magic bullets’ that will take your performance from where you are now…onto a higher standard of shooting.
However, having access to good coaching, in an atmosphere of encouragement and support, are some of the tools you can use at the squad for you to take that next step.
Usually, shooters are invited to attend the squad sessions mainly based on their current average or potential to improve. You can apply yourself, ask your club secretary to contact the squad manager to discuss your current performance and whether the squad can help you.

A Scatt optical sensor is attached to the underside of the rifle.


This allows the coach to explain movements of the shooters rifle…whilst holding on aim.


After a weekend of coaching through practical workshops, these shooters begin training to implement the new technique’s they have learnt.


Dave Froggett
NSRA Manager
Coaching and Development
(on a visit)
Running one of his workshops
at Easingwold:-